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Petall All Round Giant Pet Towels 50 Sheets

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petall. For pets. For you. For life.

petall Giant Pet Towels are huge wipes for all of your pets and their ‘parrotphernalia’… Who’s a pretty boy then?! From Hamsters (and other small and furries) to horses and everything in between… We’ve got your more obscure animal friends covered too. Plus they’re great for you, your vehicles and your home.

For Dogs & Puppies

petall AllRound Giant Pet Towels are made for the dog life! From mopping off slobbery chops, to removing mucky paw prints from car seats, make sure you have petall to hand to keep your pooch, your home and your car spotlessly clean and fresh… no matter what they get up to!

For Cats & Kittens

petall wipes help keep mucky moggies clean! The absorbent, huge wipes are perfect for cleaning up spilled food and milk. petall are great to have at hand when cleaning out littler trays or freshing up beds and carry cases. Remove loose fur and dander as well as saliva and any excess eye gunk.

Small & Furry

Use petall to gently freshen and deodorise coats, muzzles, ears and eye surrounds of rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and all of your other beloved small animals. Clean hutches, beds, food bowls, water bottles. Perfect for cleaning your little buddy’s wheels, tubes and tunnels.

  • 50 large 40x25cm towels
  • Over 99% water with gentle micellar cleansing
  • Safe for all animals from hamsters to horses
  • For use around the home and in your vehicles
  • 100% biodegradable & sustainable
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