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Baileys Tasty Treats Refil 5Kg


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Without fail, horses and ponies love high fibre Tasty Treats! Containing natural fibre sources and extracts of flavours of essential oils, they smell great and are easy to keep in your pocket. They are also low in calories and, since they contain no vitamins and minerals, will not affect the balance of the rest of your horse or pony’s diet.

Tasty Treats are available in a popular plastic reusable 5kg tub, for which you can now buy a 5kg “eco” refill bag packaged in recyclable paper. A small 1kg paper bag is also available which is ideal for keeping in the grooming kit or horsebox and makes a perfect present for the pampered pony!

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Oatfeed (by-product of the oat milling industry), Alfalfa Meal, Molases, Micronised Unmolassed Sugarbeet

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